Bad Check Restitution Program

Dear Calaveras County Merchants:

As a business owner or manager, you know that bad checks affect everyone.  Businesses suffer losses of revenue, consumers face higher prices, and taxpayers see increased costs for law enforcement and prosecution.  In an effort to increase the accountability of those who pass bad checks and reduce the impact of check fraud, we have established a locally-based Bad Check Restitution Program for businesses in Calaveras County. 

This is a pre-complaint diversion program designed to provide strong incentives for check writers to make good on their dishonored check(s) while lowering the burden on consumers and our legal system. Because the Bad Check Restitution Program is funded by bad check writers, it costs you nothing to access this service.

Please take the time to read the enclosed information:

Share this information with your management and employees so they know their responsibilities when accepting a check or when a check is dishonored.  Knowing exactly what steps to take and when to take them can make a big difference in how successful my office will be in obtaining restitution through the program.

Follow the links above to print program forms, ask questions about submitting dishonored checks for restitution, and to learn more about the Bad Check Restitution Program. For any additional information or questions, you can also call (209) 754-2867.

Barbara Yook, District Attorney

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